ISMe’s mission is reflected in its motto “Devoted to patients – Devoted to Knowledge”, which emphasizes on one side the willingness to be close to cancer patients, their needs and their expectations in terms of new possibilities of cure, on the other side the importance of rapidly sharing among colleagues the new results of this treatment protocol.
ISMe’s aim is also to pay particular attention on the development of easy and affordable ways to the transfer of knowledge in geographical areas that are least supported by pharmaceutical companies as well as in Countries and regions with limited economical resources.

We believe metronomic chemotherapy administration allows to treat cancer patients with chemotherapy at a continuous dosing regimen, and with less drug free breaks with the results that this strategy is not only effective, but for some cancer patients has also a low toxicity profile too.

These events will provide a good platform for cancer research and will further promote the standardization of clinical diagnosis and treatment in relevant fields and provide appropriate training opportunities for reserve personnel in relevant fields.

The Train-The-Trainers events will be focused on:

Professor Marina Elena Cazzaniga

ISMe President